15 words of wisdom

15 words of wisdom i’ve picked up over the last year or so:

  1. we grow in a climate of love, not a climate of judgment. that’s why we need to make sure we don’t judge ourselves and others.
  2. it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to heal from our wounds.
  3. nobody owes you forgiveness.
  4. the only dependence that works is dependence on goodness.
  5. it’s ok to listen to what the dysfunctional parts of me say – i just don’t let them run the show.
  6. in healing your relationships, ask yourself: what do the people i my life want from me that i can give them, and that will bring them and myself joy?
  7. when in doubt, don’t say it – you can always add something but you can’t make something unsaid.
  8. when things get too crazy, i excuse myself, go to the washroom, and pray.
  9. guilt gets in the way of healing.
  10. setting boundaries does not mean imposing one’s will.
  11. how about moving from people pleasing to just being pleasant to people, including yourself?
  12. going from “i can’t!” to “really? i can’t?”
  13. people pleasing is a form of selfish manipulation. it’s trying to make them like me.
  14. she had enough trouble being kind to herself. she didn’t need to hang around people who were hostile to her on top of it.
  15. the answer is always: stay in the moment, and be loving.

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