5 energizers

my blogging friend pamm from my secret spiritual dance tagged me with a meme about energy. it was started by cardin at optimistlab.

so what are my five favourite ways to increase energy? i think i’ll just list the first five that come to mind.

  1. dancing! dancing always makes me happy and feel alive. sometimes i just go to my room, close the door, crank up the music and off i go.
  2. going for a walk. i was raised with the belief that just about everything can be cured with a walk. i guess it’s all about getting fresh air into the system.
  3. beautiful imagery. my computer is full of images that speak to me, and i madefire-gaia-timelink-site-voila-fr-pourtoi_french.jpg sure to make my office visually appealing. even when i can’t see these beautiful images, i can still think of them.
  4. centering. with my bipolar tendencies, my energy sometimes gets all edgy and disorganized. centering brings me back into the body. maybe that’s why i was so intrigued by ten zen seconds, which talks a lot about centering. tai chi really helps with that, too.
  5. handwashing meditation. yeah, you read it right. some time ago, i bought a hand spa kit from wendy gunson, my mary kay person, and i just love going through the little ritual of using all the different lotions and potions. i usually do it really slowly, by candlelight, at the end of the day. it grounds me and i love how it reminds me of the reiki energy in my hands.

now let’s see who to tag. how about hueina. i really enjoyed how she talked about her mother in her mothers’ day post.

then let’s go on to david of glittering muse. in truth through music he talks about a new conductor for the orchestra in which he plays:

in the performance, his sweeping gestures carried the power and emotion of a great heart, a brilliant mind and mature technique. he never over conducted, and often moved so little that we had to listen and play with great detail. he became a vehicle of the music, never more. yet, ensemble and rhythm problems were corrected with the minutest gesture. cues were given with a smile.

here’s a new blog i just found, finding optimism, which i came across via stumbleupon. in the article sleep tight, james talks about, you guessed it: sleep; telling us, among other things, that babies need to learn how to sleep. i didn’t know that – did you?

after that, let’s go over to the urban monk. one of my favourite articles on his blog is 16 ways to awaken creativity and innovation – particularly “my enemy is my friend”:

if some kids are stealing the ice cream from your shop, ask another kid why they do so. what would scare them away? what would make them stop? (and i’m adding: what would turn them into customers?)

finally, i tag my friend carol and her interesting article, collage911, which comes to us in the form of slideshare, showing just those kinds of powerful images that give me energy.

all of you who got tagged, please don’t forget to go to the original post at optimistlab and follow the instructions for playing this meme game.

*** update on august 18 ***

oops, i got tagged again – this time by the fit shack! well, i won’t repeat the whole process but what i will do is tag a few more bloggers. these are their posts i’ve enjoyed recently:

why the phrase “i know” destroys connections rather than creating connection
if money was a person, who would money be?
7 encouraging must-read articles for the blogger just starting out
perspectives on psychotherapy
and if you have the stomach for a bit of hard-core, hard-hitting political satire, corporate solution to rape.

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