attracted to the law of attraction

are you attracted to the law of attraction? everyone seems to be talking about the movie the secret lately, and the law of attraction. are you one of them? if so, i wonder whether you’d like to tell me about it.

what attracts you to the law of attraction?

how long have you known about it?

do you follow the law of attraction?

have you had any good experiences with it?

have you had any bad experiences with it?

in your own words, how would you describe the law of attraction?

what kind of law would you say the law of attraction is? is it like the law of gravity? or more like a code – a moral code, perhaps (e.g., “thou shalt not steal”? or is it like the law of diminishing returns? or is it more like murphey’s law?

you can leave your answers here, as a comment, or you can fill out this survey. i’ll report on in a future blog article. and hey, while we’re at it, i’ll also tag a few fellow bloggers who might be interested in this, see what they have to say:

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