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here are some words i’ve heard and thought in the last few months that really spoke to me:

a morbid obsession with what people think about me

success is not saying at night, “i have failed”

the size of my body or the brand of my car is not the problem. how i feel and think is the problem.

the deepest need of man is to overcome his separateness.

i always wanted someone to care because i didn’t care.

i want to be special but i want to be treated as equal – how is THAT supposed to work?

i always want to do things that produce a certain feeling

i am not the centre of the universe but i am the apple of god’s eye.

i already know there are a lot of things that don’t work. i don’t need to focus on that all day long.

gratitude starts a circle – the opposite of a vicious circle.

too much of a good thing is wonderful.

i’m not always right anymore. i’m so relieved.

understanding myself is not bad. being myself is better. expressing myself is even better.

nobody deserves the prison of sin.

i’m on the same ground with my fellow beings, at all times.

i still feel guilt and shame but the core is different. i used to feel nothing but empty.

the sicker i was inside, the more i needed people to see how successful i was.

procrastination is about hiding

“i, i, i” and “should, should, should” are words i’d like to lose.

i don’t want to do it, whatever it is – exercise, clean my house, write that paper – but i’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do.

it’s possible to not constantly think about myself.

there’s gotta be more to life than lunch.

my true self is always in flux.

cockiness comes from the ego, and so does low self esteem.

low self esteem is a sign, i sign to check in with myself

my ego needs to be in the service of my soul

anger means i’m afraid. i’m afraid someone will harm me, will neglect me, will make fun of me.

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