breaking free of violent relationships

you promised me you would never hit me again” – read this story of a woman who heard her son utter these words exactly one year ago and decided to leave a violent husband.

i had shivers running down my spine reading her story. i guess everyone would – but for me it had special meaning. i still think of the day i threw out my abusive ex-husband as the “day of the revolution”. in fact, today i did a lifeline exercise where i rated the ten most significant positive and negative events in my life and even though all kinds of wonderful things have happened to me since, extricating my children and myself from this toxic relationship still rates as the best thing i’ve ever done, 16 years later.

i am grateful that i had the strength to do this, and grateful for every person – man, woman, child, who manages to break the chains. freedom breeds more freedom.

isabella mori
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