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for the third year now, my friend haedy, a cancer survivor and now again living with breast cancer, is going to walk 60 km during august’s the weekend to end breast cancer. finally, i’m going to join her and our close friend danielle, and we’ll walk together.

i’m excited and frightened and nervous and giddy. excited because the walk is such a high! frightened because of all the loss people have to stare in the face in preparation and during the walk. nervous because i don’t know if i can walk that much, and i don’t know if i can raise the $2,000 i need to raise in order to participate. giddy because it’s already such a ball!

so i’ll be posting all kinds of stuff about this in the next little while. for today, here are a few links to sites that talk about the emotional side of living with breast cancer:

Coping with Cancer: 10 Steps Towards Emotional Well-Being

A list of books on the emotional aspects of breast cancer

The American Psychological Association’s “Breast cancer: How your mind can help your body”

Atlantic Breast Cancer Net: Living in the moment & Emotional health

Climbing mountains in the fight against breast cancer

Couples communication: When the wife has breast cancer

Contrary to psychologists’ expectations, breast cancer survivors don’t experience an extended emotional crisis after their treatment regimens end (Research)

please also visit our web site dedicated to the cancer walk!

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