canadian thanksgiving: 20 things i’m thankful for

i’m thankful for

the smell of the blanket my daughter likes to use on the sofa
the dimples in my older grandson’s cheeks
the sweet little voice of my younger grandson
the particular shade of purple of the asters on my front yard

i like thinking about the specifics, somehow it gives my gratitude more texture and colour.

the way my husband wears his jeans
my middle eastern spices
my little yoda figurine
giggling at the way my son’s gray temples make him look distinguished

gratitude makes me feel good, especially when i look at all these little things. will my feel-good-ness spread to others?

my daughter-in-law’s proud profile
my brother-in-law’s cool little emails about his twin sons
my mother-in-law’s lemon chicken
how fluffy our IKEA blankets are

i like my in-laws! how lucky am i? despite a few hiccups here and there (some of them painful at times), i am blessed with an exceptionally harmonious family. am doing enough to take this harmony out into the world?

my friend katana’s cool fashion sense
the banter with my twitter friend @barkingunicorn
the neat new hairdo of one of the cashiers at my neighbourhood supermarket
the way the fraser river mirrors the sky at the canada line crossing

noticing a lot of “my’s” and “i’s” there. is that because i’m looking at the particular and not the general? the little world around me, not the big universal picture?

my red toenails
the softness of my favourite stuffed animal
the sun-and-moon blanket in my office
how healthy and hard my fingernails are

(and i’m thankful to sukanto for taking this beautiful picture)

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