cracking the whip on procrastination

like many of you, i am a victim of procrastination. procrastination has done horrible things to me. it has robbed me of many hours of sleep. it has made me feel less than, a loser. at the hands of procrastination, i have experienced embarrassment and hopelessness.

that’s a true story.



why not make procrastination work for all the space it occupies in my head? crack the whip here a bit, stop being a victim? i think i’m going to start procrastinating on

  • playing lexulous
  • eating those extra bites of cheese-drenched spaghetti
  • checking my email for the 10th time
  • interrupting people while they speak
  • taking out twice as many books from the library as i can possibly read
  • strewing my clothes all over the bedroom

what do you think? anything you’d like to procrastinate?

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