getting out of the way

how do we stand in our own way?

  1. by standing around, doing nothing
  2. by criticizing ourselves
  3. by not being honest with ourselves
  4. by putting ourselves down
  5. by not following our ideas
  6. by refusing to budge from our old ways
  7. by pushing ourselves
  8. by not treating our bodies well enough
  9. by not treating ourselves as someone really special
  10. by taking small things too seriously
  11. by not trusting that everything will turn out well
  12. by not trusting our god / divine guidance
  13. by forgetting to stay in touch with our god / divine guidance
  14. by making endless lists and then getting frustrated that we don’t accomplish everything on that list
  15. by clinging to sipid, momentary comfort
  16. by working past our energy drop-off points
  17. by not following our instincts
  18. by not taking advantage of the help that is offered us

how can we get out of the way?

  1. by being physically active but not to the point of exhaustion
  2. by patting ourselves on the shoulder
  3. by being honest with ourselves
  4. by stopping ourselves every time we put ourselves down
  5. by valuing and following our ideas, however kooky
  6. by saying goodbye to old ways that don’t work anymore
  7. by honouring old ways that work really well
  8. by being gentle with ourselves
  9. by treating our bodies as the beautiful treasures that they are
  10. by laughing a lot
  11. by enjoying lightness – physically, emotionally and spiritually
  12. by “wearing the world like a loose garment”
  13. by trusting that things will get better and better
  14. by trusting our god / divine guidance 100%
  15. by praying, in many ways, from singing to silence to dancing
  16. by making short, doable lists and being accountable to them
  17. by saying good-bye to boring, momentary comforts and embracing the exciting, heart-warming, lasting ones
  18. by working within our energy budgets
  19. by following our instincts
  20. by gracefully, happily and immediately accepting help that is offered us

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