goal setting – part 2

continuing on from yesterday’s blog, here is the rest of steve pavlina’s (edited) words on goal setting

goal setting is an activity

setting clear goals is not a passive act. you must take direct conscious action. everything counts, and nothing is neutral. you are either moving towards your goals, or away from them.

if you do nothing or if you act without clarity, then you are almost certainly a victim of “being outgoaled” – you are spending your time working on other people’s goals without even knowing it. you are happily working to enrich your landlord, other businesses, advertisers, stockholders, etc.

waiting for something to inspire you and hoping that the perfect outcome will just fall into your lap is nothing but a fantasy. clear decision making doesn’t happen passively; you actually have to physically put in the time to make it happen.

clear goals sharpen present-moment decisions

your reality will not match your vision exactly. that’s not the point. the point is for your vision to allow you to make clear daily decisions that keep you moving in the direction of your goals.

when a commercial airliner flies from one city to another, it is off course over 90% of the time, but it keeps measuring its progress and adjusting its heading again and again. goal setting works the same way.

maintain a clear list of goals not because that’s actually where you’ll end up but because it will give with tremendous certainty in deciding what you need to do today.

you’ll see a measurable difference in your life the very first day you establish clear, committed goals, even if your first few attempts aren’t perfect. you’ll be able to make decisions much more rapidly because you’ll see how they’ll either move you towards or away from your goals.

on the eve of his death, walt disney had a reporter crawl into bed with him so he could share his vision for disney world, six years before its completion. when disney world finally opened, another reporter commented to walt’s brother, roy, “it’s too bad walt did not live to see this.” roy replied, “walt saw it before we did.”

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