mental health: get thee to a spa!

a little guest post by anne from creative fusion about the perhaps unlikely-seeming connection between mental health and spas:

get thee to a spa.

so a friend of mine ordered me several weeks ago.

driving in incessant toronto traffic, organizing mentalhealthcampTO, putting in volunteer hours on another committee, keeping up with the never-ending to-do list of home chores and business administration, and helping to provide care for family members ” all beyond an active work life – had left me spent. let’s just say i had less than ¼ left on my energy gas tank.

the irony of all of this is that i actually work with a spa. i have seen people go in looking tense and emerge looking relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. but we don’t always take that time for ourselves.

i have written and communicated about mental illness and treatment issues for 15 years now, so i know that pampering ourselves does not prevent some serious issues from developing.

but being good to ourselves can certainly help to reduce the stress that can build up with everyday living.

kudos, then to your wellness dayâ„¢, an event put on by CMHA vancouver-burnaby branch and the MPA society, and just as many kudos to the companies such as kulture shock who recognized the mental health needs of their staff and supported them by giving them one hour off with pay to attend a spa/salon treatment at one of your wellness dayâ„¢ spa or salon partners.

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