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scott davis of finding your marbles makes a great observation. he compares personal crises with crises on the job and suggests that we can apply corporate crisis management plans to our individual lives:

at an old job i had, one of my projects was to write up a crisis management plan. when i was finished this project, i began to wonder if i could apply the same skills and techniques that i used at work to my personal life to see if i could do a better job at crisis management. after some experiments and fine tuning, i developed a five-part personal crisis management system. by applying this system, i was eventually able to manage my anxiety during a crisis. i wasn’t as unprepared when things went wrong, and i was able to quickly calm myself down and get the crisis under control.

read here about his 5-part personal crisis management system. i find his suggestions to get support and to “go sloooow” particularly useful. it’s interesting to think about how this can be useful in moments when our mental health is a little weak: panic attcks, around “flashbacks” for people who have posttraumatic stress disorder, in depressive times when just about anything can feel like a crisis, etc.

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