thank you, body

a poem written in the early 1990’s, at a time of being very ungrounded and spaced out:

oh body, bloodfilled one,pix bodysense light body happy grounded
redeem my soul
redeem my burning, ashen soul
please turn me inside out
rescue me, body, from my thoughts.

please, hands, please, wake me up
let me fall prey to sensing
sharper glass and harder stone
and warmer skin and water wet as never before.

body. please draw me back from
those places that my mind goes;
please magnetize me to your breasts and
knees and fingernails and even
to your stomach.
invite me to your loud digestive games.
envelop me in fluids.
and let me smell.
and taste.

let me be slave to toes that wriggle in cold water.
don’t leave me alone in this here room
that drones with toneless emptiness
don’t let me orbit on my own
in this colourless universe of
doubts and ideas so lightweight they take off with me
– please, take my hand and take me
down to earth.

thankfully, the body, helped by the wonderful, magical gentleness of the TRAGER approach to bodywork, took me in and helped me focus, away from the crazy, “toneless” zipping around that my mind was engaged in, back into being centered in my body.

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