time management and exercise

“i can’t exercise. i don’t have time!” yoga teacher cyndi lee’s got something to say about this. and this is not only for people who are thinking about exercising but also about how we use time:

My observation is that there is a direct relationship that goes like this: thinking about what has to happen in the future equals less time available; moving slowly and mindfully now equals more time.

A complete yoga practice involves the following: forward bending, twisting, backward bending, side bending, inverting, breath awareness, resting and meditation. This can be accomplished in five minutes. Once you do this yoga program a few times, I can almost guarantee that it will be less difficult to find a spare five minutes than it was before. If you still don’t think you have five minutes, just pick one of the things on the list above, and do that for five breaths. (Hey, you can even do the last two in bed!) Then later in the day, do another one. By the end of the day you will have done a complete yoga program. Who knows? Maybe those five breaths will evolve into ten breaths, which is about one minute, and then that minute will turn into five. Only time will tell.

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