what are you grateful for today?

PsyBlog is one of my favourite blogs lately. their latest post is on gratefulness.

i haven’t done a gratitude post for a while. so let me do that right now.

  • thanks, PsyBlog, for inspiring me to do that! it’s such a simple way to spread goodness everywhere – inside me, here on this blog, and perhaps it’ll plant a good seed in some of our readers’ hearts.
  • i am grateful for the quiet in our house.
  • i’m super grateful for our wonderful housemates.
  • i am grateful for drinking water; there was a time when i thought getting by on two cups of tea a day was cool.
  • there is gratitude for the equanimity that i experience more and more.
  • i am grateful for both my daughters’ creativity.
  • it’s wonderful that my husband is so easygoing.
  • i’m happy that i don’t need desserts in my life right now.
  • my blog is doing quite well right now. thanks, in part, to priscilla.
  • and boy, i have so many loving, interesting, gentle friends! thank you, thank you!

what are you grateful for today?

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