wheel of life: the rounder, the better

once again, i’m fulfilling frances’ monday mission. today, the idea is to post a blog using graphics and less than 100 words.


imagine your life as a wheel. each spoke represents how satisfied you are with that particular aspect. the fuller and more rounded, the better your life. it could look like this:


or like this:


want to know what your wheel looks like? try this “wheel and go” report. if you want to, i’ll give you free feedback on it.

let the wheels roll right!

(p.s. a month later: wow, this has been quite a successful post! lots of people sending in their wheels. and since, in describing their wheels in more detail, some people talk about dealing with the housework and clutter in their lives, let me link to this post about housework at woman, honor thyself for her, ehem, free-wheeling weekend link fest)

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