can someone please feed the cat?

hello everyone!lolcat, reading a book

it’s friday today, so time for a frozen pea friday post. today you can find it over at smarter than your average blog, who has kindly invited me to guest post.  it’s about the bewildering amount of choices people are faced with when they have cancer.

i’m going to be away for a week or so. while i’m gone, please make yourself at home. someone please water the plants and feed the cat?

and if you get bored, browse through the dusty archives up in the attic, in the basement, in the shed and behind the rose bushes.

of course you can also read some books or trundle over to the blogroll – no i didn’t say eggroll! feel free to raid the fridge, though (and throw out anything that looks green and fuzzy!)

see you soon!

(i’ll try and post the carnival of eating disorders, though, which is due to come out on the 31st.)

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