celebrating my readers

blog posts are great. but comments are equally important.

when you think of it, that’s similar to life. experts can talk all they want. what’s important is how their ideas are applied in real life.

so it occurred to me that once in a while i should dedicate a post to comments, so that you can follow along in the conversation and hear what the community around change therapy contributes to this huge library called the internet.

on the post understanding addictions, some interesting comments on addictions, depression and sanity.

whatever our challenges are, it’s really hard to overcome them without support from others. that’s the gist of the latest comments on alcohol and art.

on walking the talk – with balance, we have yet another great idea to support yourself in moving forward with your projects, by lisa.

at recovering from anorexia: 10 activities there is an ongoing conversation of people sharing their experiences with the first steps of recovering from anorexia.

here are some interesting replies to my food meme, my first attempt at propagating a blog meme. one is by lisette. the question of how our eating habits relate to world hunger can be quite baffling.

some good thoughts at blog action day: interdependence with the environment, including a reminder that we can’t just think about the environment one day a year.

in anorexia, appetites and avoidance, emi, thoughtful as ever, questions the connection i made between recovering from anorexia and being a bit more “wild”.

(by the way, thanks for all of you for your patience with all the fiddling around i’m doing with a new look. it should all be in order by the end of october.)

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