one year of blogging!

today it’s exactly a year ago that i first started blogging. it’s been an interesting 108,000 words to write (that’s how many words i estimate have accumulated here so far).

one of the most surprising things that happened is that over time, i’ve found that writing on such a regular schedule actually takes something out of me. it’s work! who’da thunk!

on the other hand – and that’s surprising, too – is that so far, i haven’t run out of topics. to the contrary, i usually have all kinds of ideas in the back pocket and can’t wait to get to them. but there’s only so much time, and i don’t know if some of them will ever see the light of the blogging day. there’s an entry about a cognitive psychologist who has done research on our ancestors’ thinking – how people ten thousands of years ago used their brains. a book review about the supposed inherent violence of men. thoughts on men and obesity. on the difference between faith and hope.

so there’s lots of material.

i’ve been really happy how lately, comments and conversations started to happen. if i would have been a little more confrontational, they probably would have happened faster but i just can’t bring myself to do that. it’s funny, sometimes, when i start thinking about something – the article on the bill of rights for people with eating disorders is a good example – i get all riled up but as soon as i start writing, i can’t help but see more than one side of the issue.

it’s also great that finally, the statistics are happening. that’s partly because it’s good to have them but also because, what can i say, i love statistics! i’m quite captivated by the stories that numbers tell.

according to google analytics (the statistics service i’m using), the article on anorexia and sex got the most visitors (what a surprise, huh?). the articles on alcohol and art and music, brain and emotions made people spend the most time reading, and the one on the storms of depression and the first one on dr. seuss enticed people to read the highest number of additional pages. art that makes a difference had the most comments.

what’s up for the coming year? i truly don’t know. what about a wish list? hmmm, let’s see … i think i’d like to

  • have some guest columnists
  • do more memes
  • have some sort of meaningful collaboration with other bloggers
  • have more conversations through comments – my goal is to have at least as many comments as posts by the end of february

what about you, readers? what would you like to see more of, less of?

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