the z list: are these my worst blog posts?

always intent on what the oracle tells me (that’s google analytics, a statistics software that analyses just about anything about a blog’s popularity), i was curious about which of my blog posts don’t seem to attract readers. so here is the list of the least-read blog posts. not only do people not seem to want to read them in the first place – when they do get to them, they also click away from this blog. how bad can it get?

any critics out there, let ‘er rip! tell me what you think. here is the list:

biting the dog
our brains don’t think coca cola is our friend
children and war
claiming what’s ours
day of the dead
emotional intelligence vs. emotional literacy
internet addiction
nonviolent communication
speaking in my true voice

time management and exercise
time, space, stories, memories
understanding spammers

(this post was listed in the 2nd carnival of better blogging)

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