carnival of eating disorders #6

welcome to this month’s edition of carnival of eating disorders! let’s jump right into it:

at k-l masina, kara-leah wrote a post, mission: physical manifestation overhaul – intro where she and jeff lilly embark on a collaborative blog series to investigate the underlying energetic causes of jeff’s physical manifestation (i.e. body).

their mission is to overhaul him from the inside out – no diets, no controlling, no restrictions…” it’s basically an email exchange between jeff and kara-leah – you have to read this! this is not real life tv, it’s reality blogging. fascinating!

jolynn braley, who always has something interesting to contribute, presents emotions must be heard, they will not go away at her blog the fit shack. this article deals with emotional eating and listening to your emotions, feeling them, instead of eating to stuff them down. it suggests journaling while experiencing your emotions, rather than turning to food.

on the subject of weight loss, dr. hal says that “if you have failed to lose weight, there is something inside of you that is neutralizing your success.” read this entry, as well as his blog post immediately following it.

all of these articles are also interesting in the sense that while they are about overeating, they are really about our relationship with food – so they’re interesting for everyone who wants to deal with an eating disorder.

then we have a review of the book gaining by aimee liu , one of the most widely read books on anorexia.

it’s about aimee liu’s battle with eating. she believed she had conquered anorexia in her twenties, but when her life began spiralling out of control in her forties, she realized she still had issues with eating when she stopped eating altogether.

she also noticed that other women she knew with histories of anorexia and bulimia seemed to share many of her personality traits and habits under stress, even decades after their so-called “recovery.”

next is an entry by paula reed, wondering about the overly restrictive eating habits of a relative. is it orthorexia nervosa, an eating disorder marked by a compulsive concern with eating only the “perfect” food?

i also enjoyed reading henry bagdasarian’s interesting observations in food and credit products are not very different from each other posted at free identity theft prevention, detection and fraud solutions.

i recently observed how food and credit products are similar to each other as i was watching a paid weight loss program on TV. it also reminded me how lucrative it must be for companies to sell us more of both food and credit products and then come to our rescue by offering us other products like diet and debt consolidation programs to resolve the problems that resulted from over consuming their products in the fist place.

after this, let’s go over to kathy at kathy calculates. she presents the article habitual offender:

there’s nothing wrong with eating the grapes, but that little habit grabbed hold so quickly that my head fairly swims at the thought! i’m wondering what will happen on the evening i find myself with no grapes in the freezer. will i substitute something else? is it the grapes i want? or the eating? or am i really just thirsty? is this one of those slippery slopes in the making?

finally there is a submission by scott from finding your marbles. he talks about self-injury, noting that at first glance, the topic may not seem directly related to eating disorders, “but i have been noticing that it is attracting a lot of attention from teenage girls.”

he suspects that there is a lot of crossover between those who self injure and people with eating disorders. i agree with scott, and have posted about this topic previously on understanding self harm.


that concludes this edition. if you have something interesting to contribute (i’d really like to see something about bulimia next time!) submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of eating disorders on june 30, 2007, using our carnival submission form. past posts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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