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once again i’m involved in a virtual book tour, this time for dr. joe capista’s book, what can a dentist teach you aboutrivendell retreat on bowen island business, life and success? for the next three days, i will discuss sections in this book where he talks about his experience with spirituality.

if you want to learn more about dr. capista, please go here.

today, i want to present to you what dr. capista says about retreats:

malvern is a christian retreat that happens to be catholic. you don’t have to be catholic to participate. it’s a semi structured weekend with religious services, quiet time, reflection time, meditation and prayer. they have a retreat master who gives various talks throughout the weekend based on a specific theme.

malvern was so amazing i vowed to attend every year without ever allowing any excuses. my first retreat at malvern so moved me that when i came home from the weekend i told charlie, “if i ever tell you i can’t go to malvern, tell me i’m a liar. there will never be a reason why i can’t go.”

the time i invested at malvern made me realize i needed a period at least once a year to have quiet time; to look back over the previous year and reflect. until i really participated in quiet time, i didn’t realize how much i craved it.

what intrigued me about this was his 100% commitment to go to the retreat. i know the intense restorative and mobilizing power of spiritual retreats and try to go to one a year. while this “trying” has mostly been successful, a) trying sounds a little weak and b) i’d actually like to go to more than one a year.

as i was reflecting on this, i thought about things i don’t just “try”. i don’t “try” to love my children. i don’t “try” to be committed to compassion. i don’t “try” to be creative. i just do it.

so what’s the difference?

i don’t know but it’s sure something to think about.

has that happened to you? “trying” to do something that you really yearn for? what would it take to turn this into something that you just do, no questions asked?

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(the image of rivendell, one of my favourite retreat places, is by fellow vancouver blogger boris mann)


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