To become enchanted is a valuable skill, more essential than it has ever been before. To understand the inner truth of a person who is radically different from you, to penetrate a belief that seems preposterous, to grasp a faith that violates everything you’ve held dear, you must become enchanted. It’s the only way. It’s not difficult. Look into the wide eyes of a laughing baby, let yourself fall into that innocence, and for a breathless moment you can be taken over. People are enchanted every day – by a baby, by a flower, or by the sound of their own voice speaking ideas they didn’t know they had. But to become enchanted by that which frightens or repels you – that’s less common and perhaps even more vital.

from not in kansas anymore. a curious tale of how magic is transforming america. by christine wicker.

this is my 100th blog entry. enchanted by the internet …

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