i just stumbled across a sober thought, a blog by dayvud, a recovering alcoholic. it looks like we have a number of interests in common, including buddhist nun and writer pema chodron and the book the spirituality of imperfection (the one by kurtz and ketcham, not the one by richard rohr, another author for whom i have a lot of respect).

dayvud posts gratitude lists on his blog. what a great idea! here is mine for the day. i am grateful for

  1. the huge selection of fruit and vegetables we have here in vancouver (in the last 24 hours, i had mangoes, lichees, oranges, cucumbers and bananas)
  2. spending the afternoon hanging out with my my sweet little 9-year-old daughter
  3. my beautiful office
  4. my laptop
  5. my house plants
  6. how patient and easy-going my husband is
  7. my saturday morning friends
  8. the red tulips in my front yard
  9. my ongoing, inexhaustible interest in things psychological
  10. my connection with the divine
  11. that my work and study related books are in an order that enables me to find whatever i’m looking for
  12. that bailey, my older daughter’s cat, is half way through being in heat (only another day or two of listening to her yowling)
  13. the peace in our family

… and so much more. but 13 seems like a cool number to stop at!

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