learning to listen

people in vancouver's downtown eastsidetoday i’m guest blogging over at alex’s blog, our evolution, about a profound experience i had some years ago that allowed me to transcend my little judgments and and truly listen to the essence of what is said. you’d think that as a counsellor, that should be second nature to me – and i hope it is – when it comes to listening to clients. when it comes to reading books, well that is – or was – a different story. so why don’t you trundle on over and visit alex and hear what happened that summer morning in a short but unforgettable conversation among the drunks and hookers in the downtown eastside. oh, and by the way, the image you’ll see on that post is of the iona community, an ecumenical christian community in scotland that meant a lot to bruce, the guy i’m talking about in that article.

 (image by patrick doheney)

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