monday bullets

hot coffee girl, a blogger i met through damien riley, introduced me to the idea of “blogging bullet points” – short little tidbits to blog about. so here are some random things that have been rattling around here these last few days:

  • reading the marlowe chronicles righ now. an aging actor (ham?) is facing death and sees the whole thing as one big chance to put on yet another act. but is it really an act? is the act truer than the truth? an old theme, wittily and entertainingly presented by lawrence sanders, one of my favourite lightweight authors.
  • just came from a meeting with alice zhou, vancouver’s networking queen. what a dynamo!
  • my new friends at skype pointed out this story to me: a student is expelled because he conspired on facebook to kick a teacher. as you know, i am completely against violence of any kind. however, i wonder what expelling the guy will achieve? i’m into restorative justice. why not instead have him start yet another group at facebook, this time an anti-violence, anti-bullying group? and do some volunteer work with someone who has been hurt by violence? (like my friend gene, who is still suffering from the after-effects of his swarming last summer)
  • my birthday yesterday was interesting. lots of well-wishes from people i don’t know very well, and silence from other places, especially my mother. hope she’s okay. she had a fall a week ago. gave her a call but had to leave a message.
  • yesterday was also st. jean baptiste day, an important day in our beautiful canadian province of quebec, as well, supposedly, brotherhood day for the freemasons
  • oh, and as i was sitting here in take 5, a downtown cafe in vancouver, working on this blog entry, along comes vivien from inspiration bit. now we’re sitting across from each other, each typing away on our laptops.
  • while looking for a blog to link to give you more info on st. jean baptiste day, i came across one week job, a fascinating project by sean aiken:
    • i can’t tell you what it is that i want to do with my life. help me figure that out, while raising money and awareness for child poverty in canada at the same time. i will be traveling week to week throughout the country working different jobs offered to me, with all my earnings donated to make poverty history. read how it works.
  • 10 blogs i’ve read in the last week:
  1. OCD on a stick, a blog by someone dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder
  2. urban monk, a personal development blog that focuses on putting the ego in its proper place
  3. emi’s universe, a blog about eating disorders
  4. the fit shack,
  5. from manic to mommy,
  6. everyone needs therapy,
  7. 3 quarks daily, a great design and science blog
  8. a blog by a venture capitalist,
  9. roger von oech’s creativity blog,
  10. and linguistic mystic (love the title of the most recent post: i’m very pregnant that i’m late)

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