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as you all know, i love to read. today i looked around on the web to see what’s on offer by queer psychologists because what i’ve found at the vancouver public library so far hasn’t quite done it for me (i can’t even remember the names of the books). here are some i’d like to explore:

Prison Manifesto: Recollections of a Queer Psychologist Working in a Maximum Security Prison by Bernard Mazie
A survivor’s story of a just-out gay man encountering a totally macho environment on his own terms. Relating to initially hostile inmates and correctional officers presented unique problems with equally unique solutions. The outcome is favorable and the telling is unforgettable.

Finding the Real Me: True Tales of Sex and Gender Diversity. by Tracie O’Keefe (Editor), Katrina Fox (Editor)
An extraordinary collection of real-life stories told by a wide-range of sex and gender diverse people. These healing tales of struggle and transformation reveal just how creative, resourceful, and adventurous the individuals in this community can be and also helps to bridge the gap between ignorance and understanding. As each incredible story unfolds we become part of the author’s journey to self-acceptance and join the celebration of their new life. Page by page, we laugh, cry, and learn to appreciate these wonderful courageous people and the road they walked to be their true selves. Finding the Real Me is a landmark book that encourages us to embrace diversity, to never fear our differences, and to remain always in awe of our amazing possibilities.

Against My Better Judgment An Intimate Memoir of an Eminent Gay Psychologist Roger Brown, PhD John Lindsley Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Harvard University
An extraordinary and moving account of the life of a gay man in his late 60s after he loses his companion of 40 years to cancer. A leading professor of psychology at Harvard University, Roger Brown bravely comes forth with his compelling story of grief, loneliness, and a relentless search for intimacy, healing, and self-acceptance. Readers gain insight into a stage of life experienced by gay men of which little is written or spoken due to the ageism that characterizes homosexual culture.

Lesbian Therapists and Their Therapy: From Both Sides of the Couch
Edited by Nancy D. Davis, Ellen Cole, and Esther D. Rothblum
This guidebook contains personal stories from lesbian therapist’s own therapy, told to help other therapists deal with lesbian clients. Lesbian Therapists and Their Therapy enlightens the reader about the special factors in making therapy with lesbian clients more successful. The contributors accomplish this by highlighting personal details from experiences they had during their own therapy. In an excellent position to critique others’therapy with lesbian clients, these lesbian therapists can help others identify and avoid the pitfalls of doing therapy with this population.The personal material contained in this collection shows, in a very powerful way, the good and not-so-good handling of the special issues that all lesbians face in today’s society.

Queer Jews Editor: David Shneer and Caryn Aviv
Of all the major religions, Judaism is arguably the most welcoming of gays and lesbians. The contributors to “Queer Jews” offer a pioneering anthology of probing, insightful, humorous and soul-searching essays that explore the joys and the conflicts of being both Jewish and queer. Combining memoir, pop culture analysis, and stories from the front lines, “Queer Jews” introduces a new generation of post-Stonewall writers and scholars, who, together with well-known voices, present a dynamic vision of change, progress, and the future.

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