a poem for an angel

another day of synchronicity. since so many readers seemed to like my post on chinese love poetry, i was going to offer some more on the topic.

and i will. but then, again in the car, just like yesterday, i was listening to a report on the 2007 special olympics that have just started.

there was an interview with an amazing woman, angel is her name. i looked her up and found that coach bay teangel (zhao chun li), a woman with a disability, from yangshuo in chinalls her story just beautifully.

for the chinese love poetry then – i wrote a poem for angel.

your voice far off,
angel, fills with strength and pride
a woman across the river, the mountain, the ocean

her heart jumps up and she wants to know you,
angel, and she searches your face
and finds it, full of mirth and light.

thank you.
you teach love.

(this post appears in the all for women blog carnival

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