free hug day!

what, another free hug day? wasn’t it on july 7?free hugs campaign

and what’s free hug day anyway?

well, most of you know, probably. but if you’re a little like me and you don’t always keep up with the news, go to wikipedia and find out. bascially, it’s something started by a man called juan mann back in 2004. the world needs more hugs, and we’re here to hand (arm?) them out!

apparently there’s also an ongoing hug squad in our area. check it out!

ok, on to the first question. i’m not entirely sure what the history of this is but the idea behind having another free hug day on september 10 is because it’s a day before september 11.

hugs not bombs. hugs not death. hugs not hatred.

for those of you in vancouver – that’s vancouver, bc, in canada, not vancouver, washington, in the states – a bunch of people and i will be up at the steps of the vancouver art gallery at around 11:30, and we’ll eventually make our way towards english bay.

care to join us?

and if you’re not in vancouver, visit the free hugs forum and find out what everyone else is up to.

angela claims that this will be the biggest free hug day so far. wanna prove her right?

isabella mori
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(image thanks to invisible worm

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