darfur emergency

for today, i want to interrupt our usual topics and post this letter here that my daughter just wrote to everyone she knows. the motto of my practice is making lives better, making better lives. let’s make better lives for the people in darfur.

Millions of people are at death’s door in Darfur right now. Millions. Please, send letters to your mayors, your govenors, your members of congress, senate, to Cheney, to Bush – for us Canadians, your MP’s, MLA’s, your Premiers, Harper. If you can’t send letters to them, find some other way. Go to your churches, temples, local community centers, your employers.

If you can think of ANYONE that can provide some form of aid in Sudan, PLEASE contact them. Get the media involved if you can.

The people of Sudan are dying, and too few people are willing to help.

Yes, the President of Sudan is being less than helpful, but I believe (as do many others) that if there is enough international outcry – not just from the governments, but from the people, then perhaps the Sudanese goverment will be willing to allow humanitarian aid to the millions of displaced people within the country.

I know there are a lot of people wanting your time, money and effort to go to their charities, so you’re probably done with hearing about another cause that someone you don’t know wants you to support. But we are talking about the very imminent death of millions of people here.

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