smoking out poverty: the regina smudge walk

today’s video against poverty is of the regina smudge walk which was held last june.

on january 15th, 2007, maclean’s magazine declared regina’s north central to be “canada’s worst neighborhood.” this unflattering portrayal was particularly hard felt by north central’s aboriginal population which numbers roughly 16,000. to some the article was embellished and to others it spoke the absolute truth. whether the article was cause for division or the impetus for unity, it did open the floodway for people to actually think about the humanity of regina’s impoverished aboriginal community. the article gave everyday people the ability to actually conceive the conditions of north central.

in honor and respect of the humanity of the aboriginal people who live in north central, it was decided that something must be done in order to move forward, out from the negative and into the positive. in first nations traditions, cleansing is symbolized through the smudging ceremony. thus, we decided that we would organize a “smudge walk” throughout north central to symbolize the possibility of renewal.

(from animikeeg)

and today i want to wave to some fellow blog action day bloggers from vancouver – people who, unlike my many vancouver blogger meetup and twitter friends, i’ve never met before. so hello! it’s nice to come together over this good cause, isn’t it?

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