food meme

lots of blogs have memes, so i thought i’d put one up, too. why don’t you answer or comment on a few (or all) of these questions. or feel free to propagate them on your own blog. let’s see what happens …

  1. how do our eating habits relate to world hunger?
  2. to what degree do the choices we make at the grocery store and the foods we eat at each meal have an impact on humanity and the environment?
  3. have you ever taken the time to think about who is involved in bringing food to our table, e.g. for spaghetti: from the person who fills the seed packages for the wheat to the farmer who harvests it to the young woman at the packaging line to the truck driver for catelli?
  4. how often do you invite god/the sacred to your table?
  5. are some food items like drugs?
  6. what’s the difference between cravings and hunger?
  7. who do you eat with, and what effect does that have on you?
  8. will genetically modified food feed the poor or destroy the environment?
  9. can we justify keeping and killing animals for food?
  10. what’s the difference between gluttony and pleasure?

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