the STORR game

need to shake up your brain a bit? play the STORR game – STOp-Reflect-Realize:

what to do: print out a few copies of this page, and then tuck them away in places where you’ll stumble across them in the next week or so. whenever you come across this sheet:

stop – reflect – realize

you can do this in your head, or you can do it in writing. you’ll find a spot for writing down some notes at the end of this post.

rules of the game:
1) anything goes
2) try to be as honest as you can


when i stopped, i was doing/thinking/feeling/seeing/hearing/ smelling/tasting/sensing this:

that friggin car down the alley again, with its mufler of.

we’re applying the “anything goes” rule: it doesn’t have to be “important”; it’s only for you so swearing etc. is perfectly fine if you feel like it; nobody cares if there are spelling or grammar mistakes.

then i thought about this for a while, and these are my thoughts:

i always get so angry when i hear lowd noises like that even as a child i did that. i wish i was like marcy she doesn’t give a hoot about stuff like that, she’ll sleep through anything. i hate this noice, and i hate feeling so angry about it.

then i mulled it around for a bit and then it occurred to me that

hey, wait a second, maybe i get so angry about this because my grandmother and my uncle always fought when i was little, and i couldn’t sleep, but they always, always hushed me up. i’m still angry about that, too! to be honest, i wanna scream and shout too! betty said the other day that i don’t have to reackt anymore the way i did when i was a child so maybe one day i won’t have to get so angry anymore when i hear lowd noises. wouldn’t that be awsom!

note: we’re applying the rule about honesty.

okay, so now it’s your turn.

oh, and let us know if you came up with anything interesting!


STOP – when i stopped, i was doing, thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or sensing this:



REFLECT – these thoughts and emotions came up as i reflected on it:



REALIZE – then i mulled this around for a bit and it occurred to me that



(and if you want to, you can add this:) and from now on, i am going to



(that’s the last “R” – for renovate)

(this post appears in the 29th total mind and body fitness carnival

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