blogathon: 15 books i treasure

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this is an entry for my participation in the 2008 blogathon, a 24-hour marathon of blogging. please support the cause and donate – however much, however little – to the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch). to donate, email me or use this URL: you should be able to get there by clicking the link; if not, just copy and paste the link into your browser. it will take you to the appropriate location at canada helps.

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books seem to be very much the theme of this blogathon.

i’m sitting here at this table surrounded by books. i probably won’t quote from all of them. but they’re all very dear to me. here’s a (very partial and random!) list of my favourite non-fiction books:

  1. full contact magick, by kerr cuhulain (one of my favourite pagan books, written by a vancouver policeman)
  2. creative visualization, by shakti gawain (THE classic in visualization)
  3. the places that scare you, by pema chodron (a wonderful buddhist nun)
  4. the lazy man’s guide to enlightenment, by thaddeus golas (an old, old classic about meditation. you can read it online)
  5. ten zen seconds, by eric maisel (not really about zen but still, a great book of “twelve incantations for purpose, power and calm”)
  6. raise your right hand against fear, extend the other in compassion, by sheldon kopp (one of my favourite psychologist. “compassion is joined with common sense”)
  7. peoplemaking, by virginia satir (another of my psychologist heroes. one of the best books ever about communication and relationships)
  8. how can i help, by ram dass (if you’re in the helping profession, this book is an absolute must. very down to earth)
  9. the best within, by neil boyd (about male aggression)
  10. escape from babel, by scott miller, barry duncan and mark hubble (my brief therapy bible)
  11. cave of tigers, by john daido loori (a series of zen teachings by a north american buddhist who also happens to be a fabulous artist)
  12. an introduction to language, by viktoria fromkin and robert rodman (a linguistics text book)
  13. gaining, by aimee liu (“the truth about life after eating disorders” – not only very informative but also very, very well written)
  14. dark nights of the soul, by thomas moore (“thomas moore asks us to acknowledge the dark moon within us all”)
  15. creativity: flow and the psychology of discovery and invention, by mihaly csikszentmihalyi (one of the foremost researchers on creativity)

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