is it better than silence?

a propos our conversation about appreciative communication on the internet, i remembered this today, by the buddha:

when admonishing someone, keep these six considerations in mind:

  1. is my heart free of malice towards this person?
  2. have i been guilty of this offence myself?
  3. do i speak at the right time?
  4. is this the truth?
  5. do i speak gently?
  6. am i concerned with profit to myself?

along the same lines, 19th century indian guru sai baba had these thoughts on mindful speech:

before you say anything, consider these questions:

  1. is it true?
  2. is it kind?
  3. is it necessary?
  4. will it improve on the silence?

i find the last one the most challenging, especially as a blogger.

is what i say better than silence?

(this post appears in the carnival of struggling bumbling newbies

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