stumbling upon treasures

a few weeks ago, thanks indirectly to scott, with whom we’ve had this interesting theological conversation in the last entry, i came across – stumbled upon – stumbleupon, a great social bookmarking site. i have found a plethora of truly interesting sites through it, and thought that from time to time i’d like to draw your attention to some of them.

maybe you’ll have some time to surf my links over the easter weekend. how about i introduce you to my spirituality collection at stumbleupon. click here, then click on “pages”, “tag cloud” and “sprituality”, or try this preview:

edmonton labyrinth society: everything about labyrinths, from walking them, to learning about them to building your own.

buddhist recovery : michaels story. what a beautiful story of recovery. as with all recovery, this man realized that it was not only the boozing that he needed to recover from but also all the other big and small ways in which we create suffering for ourselves and others. in his case, it was, among others, anger, dishonesty, and a conflicted relationship with his sexuality. a very moving story, and also one of the interesting instances of experiencing recovery in a buddhist context.

witchvox article about “coming out” as a pagan. from the page:

the decision of whether to be open about being a pagan is an especially hard decision to make if you live in one of the many small towns that pepper the southern states. the people in these towns are very friendly, loving people but they still live in a different age. an age where everything isn’t politically correct, where liberal minded people are a rarity, where men still hold doors for women and carry their packages, where ma’am and sir are used regularly, where women and children are to be protected at all costs, and where anything “different” is viewed as a threat to their way of life.

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