the meta of twitter

raul started, or continued, a conversation on his blog that i think we should all take seriously (or let’s say, play with). he states there is a

need for higher-level, more philosophical/ethical/larger scale discussions in the social media world, and about topics on internet and society.

frequent readers of my blog know that i totally agree, and i’ve written a number of musings about it myself (see the list below)

raul asks some questions:

  • what are the ethics behind social media?
  • where are the ethical boundaries drawn?
  • what type of best practices are taking place and how can we avoid faux pas?
  • what is the impact of twitter and other social media on society?
  • who is benefiting from early adoption of social media?

let me ask a few more and then hand it over to you:

  • is twitter changing language? and if yes, how do we react to it?
  • does social media take away from face-to-face relationships? and is this question answered differently depending on how deeply a person is involved with social media?
  • as information races towards us increasingly fast and in increasing amounts – are our ideas of what it means to know something changing?
  • and a question that i’ve been wondering about for a while – how do our brain’s neuronal connections mirror the interwebs (the webs cast by the internet and by social media), and do these changed connections result in permanently changed brains (hindbrain, limbic system, neocortex and web brain, perhaps?)

what questions do you ask?

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