bullying stops here!

today is international stand up to bullying day.  students and lots of other people all across canada and the world wear pink to mark the day.

jordan behan thinks pink

last year, two students in nova scotia (canada’s east coast) donned and distributed pink shirts after a classmate fell victim to homophobic bullying for wearing pink to school.

this became the driving force for teachers across the country to renew a call to end bullying.

“the kids that come forward are not very good victims any more because they’re standing up for themselves, trying to get things changed, they tend not to be victimized anymore”

the term “bullying” is most often used at school but let’s not forget that it can apply in other situations as well – at work, in the boardroom, at sports activities, in volunteer situations, here on the internet, in hospitals, etc.

have you ever been bullied? have have you ever stood up to a bully?

(image by and of vancouver blogger jordan behan – jordan, it just
so happened that yours was the best pink pic on creative commons!)

16 thoughts on “bullying stops here!

  1. Jordan

    Why thank you, Isabella.

    I thought about digging out the Barcamp shirt today for that very reason, but I couldn’t find it in my t-shirt stack, and I’m taping a Lab with Leo segment today (sans pink t-shirt). Thank you for helping my support the cause, albeit in an indirect way.

    Am I still supporting the cause if I switch my Facebook photo to this one? Does that count?

    Jordan’s last blog post..Welcome Friends from Northern Voice

  2. isabella mori

    hey, @frederic, long time no see!

    i agree, we can go too far … but then if we have teachers and principals who dare to stand up for common sense, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    @jordan, yes, i think it counts. i saw all kinds of desperate attempts at bringing pink to the forefront today (“hey, my cup is pink!”) so you’re safe 🙂

    so, @nancy, what did YOU end up wearing today? (even though i had already decided what to wear tuesday night i quickly switched to wearing a pink top)

    @evan “schools have to be unpleasant so students are prepared for the real world”? yuk! that’s like saying, hey let me beat you up so that you’re prepared for the next mugging.

  3. isabella mori

    i was at my daughter’s elementary school today. she was pretty excited about wearing pink and said that about 1/4 of the kids at her school were wearing pink. most of the teachers were in pink, too.

    i am very grateful that i can feel so confident that at least at her school, things like that are taken very seriously. what a gift.

  4. isabella mori

    @chris, that’s a wealth of information about bullying on your blog there. one of the first articles is about dealing with a bully teacher – i think it’s really important to remember that authority figures can be big bullies, and we need to know how not to get intimidated by them.

  5. Antiques

    Well, it’s the educational system which has to be blamed. Students need to be taught proper discipline in the school. I was lucky never to be bullied in school. But it really gets into your mind when you are being bullied. We have heard of so many young children commit suicide and all that. This has to stop at all cost.

  6. Amiut

    There was one boy in my year at school who got pretty much all of the bullying. I don’t know why. Perhaps he gave off a pheromone that sent bullies wild. But the rest of us were left alone because he was the number one target. I don’t know why people bully. I blame the parents.

  7. Mike

    At my highschool back in the day we used to have a fundraiser for bullying awareness, they sold mainly pink t-shirts with the words speak up and some design on it. Thought it was really cool.

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