what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

yesterday, i came across a post by lisa collazo on good therapy that inspired me to follow her idea to really look into what words mean for us. one of her questions was – what are your favourite words?

here they are, with an explanation why – and read on, because we’ll turn it into a meme!

captain haddock from the famous comic strip tintinblistering barnacles
i like this word – these words – because they start with b. i have a thing about words that start with b. b’s are soft and friendly and make me think of bubbly porridge. plus it’s a word used by captain haddock in tintin. oh, and i like barnacles – i have a wonderful memory of spending a whole afternoon looking at barnacles with my husband.

what does sassafras mean? i’m not quite sure. oh! a deciduous tree. originally used in the manufacture of root beer. now used in the manufacture of ecstasy. but what a nice word! i like how the mouth goes up and down when saying it.

now that’s another nice word. it’s a drug, too, i know, but that’s not my problem. the experience of ecstasy will long outlast that little drug. ecstasy is an exciting word, a short and easy-ish word, and i like all the sharp sounds in it. i like it better than the german “ekstase” (extaah-say) which sounds like you’re yawning.

that’s my husband’s name. so that’s good to begin with. it’s another soft and easy word. and it immediately conjures up its meaning – the image of a green clearing in the woods, somewhere in england maybe?

i like that word because it is one of my very close friend danielle’s favourite words (“it makes me feel so english!” she says). she uses it whenever she can – so it makes me think of her.

what does all of this tell you about me (or tell me about me)?

  • words have a sensuous, tactile quality for me. yup, i’m a very tactile person. (the meaning of these words is less important as the feel and sound of them).
  • relationships play a large role: three out of the five words mention people.
  • nature plays a part, too: two words have trees in them, and then we have the barnacle
  • there’s a sense of playfulness in all of this (no wonder she likes tintin!)

let’s make this a meme!

  • what are your favourite words, and why?
  • what does that tell us about you?
  • write about it on your blog and invite other bloggers to write about it.
  • link back to this blog (change therapy at http://moritherapy.org) and i’ll
    • gather the words and contributors in a list and publish it
    • stumble your “favourite word” post (as long as they meet my stumble criteria, which shouldn’t be difficult with a post like this)

ready, set, go!

i tag

  1. lifecruiser
  2. wendy of windy angel
  3. karen of abaminds
  4. fier of mindmoleskine
  5. rudolf of poem tree
  6. neena of neenmachine
  7. lawrence of a long, long road
  8. jess of jessicaper
  9. maritim of afro puffs
  10. tina at discover the truth about reading

and, of course, everyone else who wants to play!

(image by joffley)

15 thoughts on “what do your favourite words tell you about yourself?

  1. Karen Zara

    Now this is an original meme… and a very challenging one as well. Thank you for tagging me! I’m going to post my answers this weekend. 🙂

    I have some questions: should we only choose English words, or can we mention words from other languages (accompanied by their translations, of course)? And can we also mention people and places’ names (like you did with your husband’s name)?

    Karen Zara’s last blog post..Litemind’s Lists Group Writing Project – My Votes

  2. isabella mori

    karen and neena – thanks for responding so quickly.

    karen, what a delightful addition, to use another language. of course! might as well turn it into a language course, too 🙂

    my take is – if you say it’s a word and explain it, it’s a word.

  3. Tina McInerney

    Ruching (pronounced ROOSHING — ‘roo’ rhymes with ‘who’) is a French word which means to plait. It is a very ancient sewing technique

    I like this word ruching because of the way the RRRRRRRRR rolls and the OOOOOOSHING

    Also I am a big fan of clothing with ruching and I am happy to say that ruching has become fashionable once again…

    The placebo effect occurs when a patient takes an inert substance (a “sugar pill”) in conjunction with the suggestion from an authority figure that the pill will aid in healing and the patient’s condition improves. This effect has been known for years.

    I like the word Placebo because it sounds silly in combination with how it works by the power of suggestion. I enjoy the way Placebo ends. You can sing Placebo and hold the oooooooooooooooooooooooooo I like the way it makes my face feel

    I like this word Mississippi because for the longest time Mississippi was one of the only words that I could spell correctly. The reason I could Mississippi and not other words was because it is visible, remember the joke:

    Question how many eyes does Mrs Sippi have?

    Answer 4 Mississippi

    Roach paper , Roach paper
    I like Roach paper, roach paper because it reminds me of my dearly departed fried Jody.

    Roach paper, Roach paper must be pronounced with an English accent like the late Fred Elliott from BBC TV soap “Coronation Street” (hay I wonder if Jody and Fred have met up yet)

    Super fantastic bubble plastic …for way too much reason to mention


    Tina McInerney’s last blog post..Dislexic Penguins Red and Blue

  4. Lifecruiser

    Great words, especially the two first ones, they’re even FUNNY 🙂

    So I’m tagged hah? Well, let’s see when I can do this meme, I’m rather busy at the moment- I’m behind with a lot of things…. Ehrmm…

  5. tess

    What are my favorite words, and why?
    This was fun, but challenging for me because you see… I flipping love words and once I saw this writing prompt I was flooded with word candidates saying, pick me, pick me! 🙂 I had to say no to some very pleasant words-as this prompt charged me with picking the wheat from the chaffe, right?!

    My Finalists are…

    * Lavender- I almost feel like I’m cheating on this word because it the actual word that I love? I mean if lavender looked like” mustard yellow:, or smelled like a musty bathroom would it still make the cut? I don’t know the answer, friends! I know a woman in town who is blessed with having the name, Jane Lavender. Why, I bet she has business cards with her beautiful name on it. Lucky!

    *Imp- Now this word to me is so funny and quick just like a word that means Imp should be!

    *Snazzy- This word seems so old-Hollywood to me. I think of a handsome fellow in a black and white suit (or is the image black and white because it’s “Old Hollywood- “talking pictures?”) he turns to his lady and she mouths,”My but don’t you look snazzy!”

    *Velvet- What a great word-it sounds great, and it feels great, and the luxurious look of this fabric is nothing short of fabulous.


  6. Suzy

    Hi again Isabella,

    Just stopped by to bring you my finished “meme” on a few of my “Favorite Words”, http://www.savvysuzy.com/. It was really quite fun — now that it’s all done & I can look back on it. This actually fit in with what I was doing this month on my blog.

    I like words and especially quotations, so this was “all good” to me. So I’m glad, Neena, tagged me & that you came up with the idea. Now, I’m waiting to see the list of words that you got back from all of us who participated. 🙂 Suzy

  7. James

    hmm…every single word has a complete history if you like some word then you should also be aware of the meaning of that word……Nice Post.Thanks

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