out of bounds! what’s possible?

joanna at confident writing has a neat new group writing project: the theme is possibility.

the challenge, should you accept it, is this:

1. break out of your current blogging comfort zone and

2. post something that’s written in a form you haven’t used before, or that’s created using a different medium.

a new form might be an imagined tale, mythical fable, short story, poem, haiku, fairy tale, tv drama… you choose it could be two lines if you always write 200, 200 if you always write two.

a different medium might be something you’ve not experimented with before, like a podcast or video, or sharing a photograph, or creating something that blends words and a photo or painting, or hand written words, street art you create, capture and post or… well the world is your oyster really.

what do you think? what would you suggest i do?

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