anorexia and sex

 a while ago, i wrote a blog entry about what sorts of keywords people like to google in connection with anorexia. i was surprised to see that the vast majority of keyword demands were not for how to recover from anorexia but for things like “anorexic nudes”, “anorexic porn”, etc.

and wouldn’t you know it, i see the same phenomenon when looking at my statistics. my blog gets quite a few visits from people who are looking for exactly these keywords. maybe you, the person who is reading this right now, are one of them.

i’d really like to know what this is all about. the researcher in me is curious – in people’s minds, what are the connections between sex and anorexia? what’s so alluring about looking at pictures of undressed or scantily clad thin people?

also, when people are looking for “anorexics”, are they looking for pictures of very thin people (like these) or skeletal ones (like this)? does it make a difference?

so i’ve put together a little survey. it’s not terribly scientific but understanding what this is all about could be a little piece of the big puzzle of the fascination people have with things and ideas that mainstream community sees as – what would the word be? unwholesome? unhealthy?

 … the sequel … a year later …

not only is the survey out (you can see the final results here) but it also turns out that someone is working on a TV documentary about it.  if you’d like to be part of that, click here.

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