mental health and cancer

for today’s “frozen pea friday” post on cancer, and because it’s national mental health week, i’ve interviewed someone on how she deals with the emotional effects of cancer. here’s what she says: i have 100% permission to have all the meltdowns i need to have (i.e. anger, crying spells) have a relationship with a psychotherapist… Continue reading mental health and cancer

schizophrenia, taboos and meditation

this is a guest post by geb sheru geb. in this intriguing article, he takes up on my post about kiddie porn a while ago, and talks about how the process of obsession in a person who hunts for child pornography is similar to the process of obsessive thoughts of someone experiencing schizophrenic symptoms. walking… Continue reading schizophrenia, taboos and meditation

anorexia, obesity and sex – a discussion

there are some interesting comments on the anorexia and sex article (part of a series, the thread of which can be found at the end of this post). one commenter is “dude with a mission”. normally i’m a bit hesitant to engage in conversations with people who don’t leave a valid email address, but dude… Continue reading anorexia, obesity and sex – a discussion

anorexic porn – the TV sequel

do you want to be on TV? you may remember my project on anorexia and sex a little while ago. i wanted to know what was behind internet searches for phrases like “anorexic porn”, “anorexic sex”, “anorexic nudes” and the like. i put together a little study; the results are here, in anorexia and sex… Continue reading anorexic porn – the TV sequel

anorexia and sex

 a while ago, i wrote a blog entry about what sorts of keywords people like to google in connection with anorexia. i was surprised to see that the vast majority of keyword demands were not for how to recover from anorexia but for things like “anorexic nudes”, “anorexic porn”, etc. and wouldn’t you know it,… Continue reading anorexia and sex