blogathon: isabella’s amazing interview powers

my friends J and M just came over (at 12:00 at night!) to keep me company as i brave the last few hours of the blogathon. so we did two interviews. here is the first one. i’m “i”. please observe my stellar interview skills.

i: what should i interview you about?

j: fun!

i: what’s the most fun thing you’ve done in the last 24 hours

j: i cleaned my bathroom. it was really great because i had flylady inspiration.

i: flylady! tell me more about flylady!

j: flylady is all about encouraging good habits without guilt or pressure. and the mechanism is a web site and email list.

i: without guilt or pressure. tell me more about that.

m: that’s quite the interview technique you have. tell me more about it, tell me more about it!

j: there are inspirational stories from people who have felt overwhelmed by housekeeping.

i: oh, it must have my stories, too!

j: possibly. a lot about feeling overwhelmed and then baby steps to get out from under it.

i: hm.

m: hm.

j: ask me for an example! (she’s prompting the interviewer)

i: okay, tell me more about, uh, give me an example!

j: well, there’s the swish ‘n’ swipe. 30 seconds once a day in the bathroom and it never gets disgusting. and then “polish your kitchen sink” and “dress to your shoes”. when you get up in the morning you dress for work and you make sure you wear your shoes. that way you’re serious about yourself at home, too.

i: so you like being serious?


deep sigh.

j: when it gets the job done? yes.

i: but we started talking about fun. i’m confused.

j: i did other fun things.

i: like what? tell me more …

j giggles.

j: i got dippity doo for my stepson. he just got his hair done fancy for camp.

i: hair done fancy for camp???

j: dyed black with teal highlights and a mohawk. (apparently mohawk is not spelled moWhawk. no mowing going on here)

j and m: and the dippity doo is for the mohawk.

i: and that was fun?

j: thinking about my stepson going off to camp powerful is a lot of fun.

m: camp powerful? what a great name for a camp for kids.

j: he’s going off to camp powerful. feeling empowered.

m: camp powerful would be a great name for a camp.

i: and a fun name!

that concludes this interview. wasn’t it fun?

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