magnetic blogging poetry

in the spirit of magnetic poetry, i took riverwriter’s latest poem, precise, and used the words to write my own little silly ditty: above a conversation today, carefully clenching fiery fingers, dark forgotten stones have fixed the pink predawn window. blood tinges the valley. the things NaPoWriMo makes me do!

how to create a heaven on earth

aaaah, book reviews. let’s start with the bad parts: how to achieve a heaven on earth is full of conservative christian overtones, quite a few of the articles have a bit of “chicken soup for the soul” feel, and at times i thought i was dealing with an aborted e-book. but there were clearly good… Continue reading how to create a heaven on earth

lazy easter afternoon – a haibun

today i’m serving up a haibun. it can be seen as a form of lyric prose – so that counts as poetry, doesn’t it? “because it’s the death of your ego”, he says, and his voice resonates across the dining room, bounces off the long table, right across the bread that’s slowly getting stale, slinks… Continue reading lazy easter afternoon – a haibun

divorce: a ballad

he screams at her and she screams back he in this corner, she in the other over there. the children, they run back and forth with “who will fix our toys?” she screams at him and he screams back but only in their heads. their mouths are silent and their eyes don’t meet. the children… Continue reading divorce: a ballad