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a site i’ve been meaning to tell you about for ages is my very good friend carol’s open source spirit.  here are a few words carol says about it:

this open source spirit site takes part in the universal timeless effort of humanity.

we see that all of humanity is creating and evolving the life of the spirit.

this is done through innumerable beliefs, customs, activities and inspirations – and in love, harmony and beauty.

our intention is to apply the principles of open source to spirituality.

this site offers an amplification and overview of the efforts of some of the individuals who take part in this evolution and understanding.

open source spirit invites everyone in the blogosphere who feels that they have important things to share on the topic of spirituality to contact carol for a conversation, via video or in a “normal” interview.

here is a link to a video conversation between carol and myself about an eclectic approach to spirituality that includes christianity, buddhism and pagan traditions.

if video is difficult for you, there are also a number of text-based interviews, such as this one, entitled the soul and balanced mastery.

if you’re interested in sharing your open source spirit, please get in touch with carol!


  1. Carol and Isabella,

    I’m impressed with the video technology, #1. It’s so cool. I’m just learning a bit about video, but others still do much of the work for me, as I’m gadget-challenged…i.e. a “klutch.”

    I’m intrigued that you’re using that same term used in open source courseware. I don’t know much about it, but a friend of mine works in that field. It is a wonderful tool for community building.

    Also, the term recalls another friend in California who used to refer to “sourcing” when she was patting around for resources.

    These are inspirational and substantive conversations. Good for you to bring this together.

    Janet Riehl

    Janet Riehl’s last blog post..New Creative Catalyst Post: Fear, the Friendly Enemy

  2. Thanks for the connection, isabella! I’m always open to new interviews and input from anyone who is doing this same thing: opening to the source of spirit! So please be in touch if you want to talk more about this.
    One thing I’ve found is that people seem a little hesitant to talk about spiritual things, so I hope this site also opens the conversation a little on that. Why not also include your spiritual side – and open that up too?

    Carol’s last blog post..Learning Life Lessons from the Labyrinth

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