identities vs. labels

(this is another entry that i transferred from one of the lost january artices from my old blog) the following thoughts are inspired by a conversation in daily dose of queer about gender identies: what’s an identity? what do i need it for? why do others need me to have an identity? is an identity… Continue reading identities vs. labels

mental illness in the workplace: good news!

last month i reported on yves magloe, a tenured professor at pasadena city college, who was let go because of a mental illness. as many of you know, it is extremely rare of a tenured professor to let go of – tenure usually means lifetime employment. well, good news. hugo schwyzer reports that professor magloe… Continue reading mental illness in the workplace: good news!

gender freedom

as my dear readers know, one of the blogs i watch is daily dose of queer, where i found a link to jay sennett’s blog. he’s looking for bloggers to review a new anthology called “self organizing men” – women transitioning into malehood (or FtM, as it’s often called). good for him to use blogvertising… Continue reading gender freedom

mental illness in the workplace

read in hugo schwyzer’s blog about a tenured professor who apparently was let go because of behaviour resulting from a mental illness, as well as my comments on this alarming situation. isabella mori counselling in vancouver

the myth of keeping up

in a blog entry, the creating passionate users guys (three software/game developer geeks “passionate about how the brain works and how to exploit it for better learning and memory”) make a good point about the myth of keeping up. it’s really comforting to hear this from leading-edge people in information technology – if they can’t… Continue reading the myth of keeping up

feminism and body image

recently, i’ve had a number of interesting and sometimes heated discussions about plastic surgery. according to one view, plastic surgery is an artificial way to prop up a twisted body image – one that is only available to those who can afford it. according to another view, undergoing plastic surgery is not much different than… Continue reading feminism and body image