blogging for the good of humankind

rick bruner from business blog consulting writes this today:

… why not blogging for the good of [hu]mankind? There are issues-focused blogs like the environmental blog TreeHugger. Now there’s a network of blogs for good, founded by Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing Group. Way to go, Paul! It’s a brilliant idea; I hope it really turns into something big. Doug Kaye (founder of IT Conversations) is another blogger/podcaster with a social conscience… he’s started the podcast channel Social Innovation Conversations.

it’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. of course a lot of blogs already focus on making the world a better place – hugo schwyzer, who i quote quite often here, and who writes about all kinds of important social issues, including feminism and body image, is definitely one of them.

do you feel that that this blog, change therapy, blogs for the good of humankind? i’d love to hear your opinions …

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