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hi – thought i’d post my latest “what’s new” email here … here we go …

dear friends –

the other day i was walking by my garden and all of a sudden it hit me: this is starting to look like the garden i had always dreamed of! a little wild and chaotic, with lots of flowers in lots of colours, contained yet natural.

it was really touching because this imagined garden was one of those dreams that i hadn’t been very sure would come true. it seemed quite distant, and a little impossible. i’m no great gardener, and i am really not very good at being the slow, steady maintenance person that a garden really needs. and yet, here it is:

so … it’s so much about dreams. i think we often don’t realize that. for example, i’ll ask a client, “it looks like you’re not happy with where you’re at right now. where would you rather be? what would your life look like if you were happier?” sometimes people find that question hard to answer. but then, a little later, they might say something like, “i look at marcia and don – they have a life! how come i don’t have a life?” that is the dream, that’s the kernel of the dream. we can then carefully make room for that dream, weed around it like around a precious little plant we just found in the garden, make sure it gets the sun and shade it needs, that it gets the right amount of water and nutrients. actually, it’s surprising to see that most dreams, once discovered and nurtured even a little bit, are quite resilient.

if there’s anyone you know who needs to have their dreams nurtured, please tell them that some dreams really can come true. tell them about the dreams that have come true for you. and if they’re interested in more, i’d be happy to have a chat with them. i’m always there for a phone call or an email.

here is someone who followed his dreams: ken walker was already quite happy in his job where he helped people getting out of the morass of poverty. but he had made a lifetime study of happiness and knew that there was more for him. he quit his job and became the happiness guy. today he helps people discover how they can be happier right now. he’ll be our guest next week at our fireside chats, a round of friendly, informal discussions at sacred space at 27 west pender street (across from tinseltown). here are the times and dates:

fireside chat topics

wednesday, june 21 – guest night: meet ken walker, the happiness guy!
wednesday, june 28 – everyday intuition
wednesday, july 5 – “but i’m not an artist!” – and being creative anyway
wednesday, july 12 – the many forms of prayer
wednesday, july 19 – talismans – sacred objects

two other events i’m organizing at sacred space are

bloggers’ night on monday, june 19, at 6:30 – meet a bunch of people who’re as much into blogging as i am!

pagan coffee meetup – june 30, 7:00. meet other people who are curious about things pagan!

both these events happen at sacred space, 27 west pender street.

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