time & tantra

my friend danielle has recently become quite fascinated by the year 2012, the time at which the mayan calendar ends – and some claim it’s the end of time. i tend to be skeptical of such claims but on the other hand want to remain open-minded. so as usual, i looked around on the internet… Continue reading time & tantra

women, therapy and blogging

a few interesting thoughts on women and blogging: Writing, as a form of therapy, is as old as ink itself. Universally understood as a transformative process, the simple act of putting pen to page can effectively jump start personal growth and healing. Over the years I’ve had more than a handful of sessions on a… Continue reading women, therapy and blogging

more on sexual identity: asexuality

one of the sexual orientations that seems to often fall between the cracks in the discussion on sexual identity is asexuality. some people have no sexual desire, or no desire to act on it. whether there is something “wrong” with that or not is a matter of controversy. be that as it may, more people… Continue reading more on sexual identity: asexuality

brokeback mountain

yesterday mindemoya and i finally went to see brokeback mountain. of course, it’s been absolutely impossible not to hear about the movie, and of course everyone thinks it’s great. so my expectations were positive but a bit on the lukewarm side. it seemed that i was supposed to like it, which doesn’t really incline me… Continue reading brokeback mountain