blogathon: now you get to watch the music move

this is bluesman john mayall, pretty much the way i first saw him perform for the first time back in … 1971, i think. i know, he’s not using exactly the same instruments as the guys in my last post … hey, maybe i should find some you tube video for that kind of music, too!

canadian mental health association

this is an entry for my participation in the 2008 blogathon, a 24-hour marathon of blogging. please support the cause and donate – however much, however little – to the canadian mental health association (vancouver/burnaby branch). to donate, email me or use this URL: you should be able to get there by clicking the link; if not, just copy and paste the link into your browser. it will take you to the appropriate location at canada helps.

thank you for visiting, reading, commenting and, if you can, donating!

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